Alister Wynne, AKA Swyndla, grew up listening to his mum’s eclectic record selection which might go some way to explain his own multifarious style and penchant for vinyl. Taken in by the notorious wave of rave in the early 90s, Swyndla began to amass tapes and chase down records that captured his enthusiasm for the genre. Born out of his love for rave was a passion for Breakbeat, Jungle and Old Skool D&B with a healthy dose of Hiphop, influences you can still hear clearly in his sets. Swyndla fast became a familiar face at local record shops, keen to track down classics in their richest format and forever on the hunt for the next big tune. Armed with a collection no doubt to rival his mum’s and then some it is unsurprising that, when he managed to find a second-hand pair of Technics 1210s, Swyndla fast made a name for himself. Big things started happening alongside the birth of the Koalition sound system that took his sets blasting up and down the UK. Since then Swyndla played alongside the colossal Total Science, Randall, Aries and Bladerunner, making the walls tremble with his sets that capture all aspects of the D&B spectrum.