Drytek – Machines EP

Drytek is the artist who’s been called on to deliver the first EP for Rawdio Recordings and from start to finish, it encompasses what the brand has offered the drum & bass community over the past ten years. That’s heavy hitting basslines, which are unafraid in their ferocity. The west midland producer brings the same energy he’s renowned for behind the decks throughout his ‘Machines EP’, from the drum slams of ‘Machines’, through to the cutting edge sonics of ‘The Void’. Tracks like ‘Witness’ continue the aural assault which keeps a foot on the throttle throughout, alongside it’s moody atmospherics and licking snares. Meanwhile, ‘Truth Serum’ is a moody, growling anthem which you can imagine setting aflame to any speaker stack it’s detonated through.

  1. Machines
  2. Whitness
  3. Truth Serum
  4. The Void

Grab it now at Juno and other online digital stores: https://www.junodownload.com/products/drytek-machines/4644582-02/